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Meaning of Special Vehicle registration number plate variety

Have you ever seen on one occasion when a traffic operations conducted raids there are some vehicles, particularly cars that are given the privilege (Privillege) drove within the absence of obstacles / barriers ought to be generally.

After any examination, apparently had a registration number plate on a vehicle code (especially cars), that became one in all the characteristics and reasons. Here could be a tiny assortment of a number of the auto registration number plate code (from varied sources and field research) that generally (though not always) be a particular feature in road traffic on the highway.
Let's get started:
RI 1: President
RI 2: vp
RI 3: Wife / husband's presidency
RI 4: Wife / husband's vp
RI 5: Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly
RI 6: Chairman of the House of Representatives
RI 7: Chairman of the Regional Representative Council
RI 8: Chief Justice
RI 9: Chairman of the Constitutional Court
RI 10: Chairman of State Audit
RI 11: Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security
RI 12: Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
RI 13: Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare
RI 14: Secretary of State
RI 15: cupboard Secretary
RI 16: Home Minister
RI 17: Secretary of State
RI 18: Defence Minister
RI 19: Minister of Justice and Human Rights
RI 20: Finance Minister
RI 21: Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
RI 22: Minister of trade
RI 23: Minister for Trade
RI 24: Minister of Agriculture
RI 25: Minister of Forestry
RI 26: Minister of Transportation
RI 27: Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
RI 28: Minister of Manpower and Transmigration
RI 29: Minister of Public Works
RI 30: Minister of Health
RI 31: Minister of National Education
RI 32: Minister of Social Affairs
RI 33: Minister of faith
RI 34: Minister of Culture and Tourism
RI 35: Minister of Communication and data
RI 36: State Minister for analysis and Technology
RI 37: Ministry of Cooperatives and tiny and Medium Enterprises
RI 38: Minister of atmosphere
RI 39: Minister of girls Empowerment
RI 40: Minister of State for Administrative Reform
RI 41: State Minister for Development of Disadvantaged Regions
RI 42: State Minister for National Development coming up with / Chairman of the Board
RI 43: Minister of State-Owned Enterprises
RI 44: Minister of Public Housing
RI 45: Minister of Youth and Sports
RI 46: Attorney General
RI 47: Commander of the militia of Indonesia
RI 48: Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia
RI 52: Deputy Speaker of the House
RI 59: Vice-Chairman of the Audit Board of Indonesia = to the president and central government officers
Note: the quantity of vehicles Officer of State / Minister of frequently changing, it's adjusted by the quantity of members of the cupboard (tentative).
For example, the United Indonesia cupboard II (2009-2014) Occupation isn't a ministerial-level cupboard secretary, in order that the vehicle variety to many ministers modified. for instance, the present head of BIN using the RI forty nine.
CD (Corps Diplomatique stands) or CC (short for Consulaire Corps), followed by numbers.
* B xxxx ZF for the civil / Echelon (BS = facilitate State Secretariat)
* B xxxx UQ for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx PQN for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx ES for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx VQ for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx JF for the civil / Echelon
* B xxxx WU for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx HQ for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx PQ for civil / Echelon
* B xxxx BD, for the military officers of the military (E = help Forces)
* B xxxx BL, for the Navy military officers (N = facilitate Sea)
* B xxxx BU, the military official Air Force (Air Support BU =)
* B xxxx BP, the officer / police officer (BP = Police Assistance)
* B xxxx BH legal aid

And a special numbered some numbers into variety of intelligence officers.
Considering it has been bought and sold plate variety ends in code BP (Police Assistance), the police felt the requirement to interchange a special variety. Current standing of the registration number plate B xxxx BP (must forever be four numbers) is replaced by:
BH * B xxxx
QH * B xxxx
* B xxxx QZ
Not solely that, owing to significant use of code / serial finish region (letters) on the plate, since there are many former officers who declined to be revoked privileges, in order that the quantity has exceeded the quota. additionally there are several of them employed by those that don't seem to be entitled to use it, however dare to pay costs for it. in order that 2 digits that ought to be categorized to a precise position therefore typically happens randomly.
Here are some explanations code / serial finish region (letters) on the plate RFS stands for Civil Reform RFN echelon level II, III RFO operational echelon.
IR stands for Indonesia Raya code / serial finish of the extent of automotive registration number plate bus / mini bus (bus pick-up) the scope of the agency.
QK * B xxxx
EQ * B xxxx
* B xxxx GQ
* B xxxx IQ
IO * B xxxx
QK * B xxxx
* B xxxx AW
XM * B xxxx
* B xxxx ER
DQ * B xxxx
Technical Specifications:
* the primary line indicates: space code (letter), plate variety (a number),
and code / serial finish of the (letter)
* The second line shows the month and year of expiration.

Stamp that is employed within the vehicle registration is characterised by marked red STATE